Solar Power For Camping Trips

Many campers and adventurers are enjoying their comforts of home while out in the wilderness at their camp sites. They like knowing they can capture those rare moments with their cameras and stay listening to music with their iPod systems. There are many more than just portable power that campers like about solar power while they are out camping. In this article, we will discuss some of the solar products that are associated with camping.

The first and one of the most important tools that campers, climbers, survivalists and anyone who is out in the middle of nowhere is owning is a flashlight. In the past, flashlights we not only costly but also required expensive batteries and several times the batteries would have to be replaced 3-8 times every couple times of months. You could not ever buy a flashlight that you would not have to replace the batteries every couple years if you never used it. Now manufacturers are getting smarter and realizing what consumers really want, though some of the more powerful larger flashlights are expensive, they are now being offered with solar power technology. They are offering several models from less expensive ones to more expensive ones. The difference comes down to the light power inside of the bulb, but unless you are a military personnel or someone who needs super bright beyond belief lighting, you can find most solar flashlights at reasonable prices. The solar flashlight we recommend is called the Hybrid Solar Flashlight. It is 19.99 and has a life time warranty, it floats for those who boat while camping and is offered in 4 different colors. You can find them at the link provided below along with the other products being recommended in this article.


The next solar power piece of gear that campers are now considering and buying are the goalzero products. Whether you are a camper, hikers, mountain climber or survivalist, there is a solar solution for you. There is the Scout 150 Explorer Kit which provides up to 150 watts of power and comes with a solar briefcase. Then there is the Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit, all the components can easily fit into a backpack or duffel without hassle and provides up to 120 watts of power. Then for hikers there is a kit called the Guide 10 Adventure Kit, it is for those who need mobile power for their iPhones, iPods and GPS units. There are many more solar products that are offered but these are the top ones that quickly sell out every week.

The next solar power gear that serious long term adventurers are purchasing are products that are more powerful, provide long run times and can easily be transported. The first solar unit is called the Powersouce 1800 Solar Generator. This solar generator comes with everything that is needed to have power and plug in play action. It supplies up to 1800 watts of power and can easily be transported in the back of your truck or car. And it includes the rolling solar panel and 50 foot cable as well.

The other solar generation kit that campers as well as outdoor professionals like is the Base Camp Solar Kit. It comes with 4 30 watt solar panels, 2 350 watt battery packs, 4 lanterns and an inverter. This is a perfect piece of gear for those who want to configure the system the way they want it and take as they need but also good for those who need serious power for those long trips.

These are the top solar products that campers and outdoor professionals are using while out in the field. There are powering everything from cell phones to pumps to computer systems.

Do you want a complete area where you can buy your own solar camping gear []? Visit Panneau Solaire Portable they offer a huge selection of solar products from solar panels to solar chargers and everything in between to make your camping experience a hit.

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