WordPress Web Hosting

So you want to start or move a WordPress blog, and need a decent web host for it? Picking a good web host for your WordPress blog is critical to building a reader base and making blogging an enjoyable experience. Blogging in itself can be quite a fun experience – you just need to check the following few things off your list and you are ready to go!

First thing is first, when choosing web hosting for a WordPress blog, you’ll need to make sure you have the following functions available at your web host:

– The Apache mod_rewrite module installed.



Quite humble requirements! And generally it’s a safe bet that these features will be installed at your host of choice. Meaning many hosts will fit the bill. However one great feature you may want to have if you are blogging for the first time, is being able to “one mouse click install” WordPress onto your website. Many web hosts offer “one click” installations of WordPress via a popular auto-installer called “Fantastico”. It’s fantastic if you don’t have a lot of technical skills. You can have your blog up and running within 20 seconds with Fantastico. Be sure to look for it in your web host’s feature list if you don’t want to deal with any kind of installation process.

It should be mentioned that Fantastico also allows you install many other popular scripts with one click. Now moving on, another important aspect of the web host you choose for your WordPress blog, is how fast they run. You don’t want your blog loading up sluggishly and disgruntling first time readers away, never to return. You’ll want a web host that offers speed and uptime. A simple way to check if they are fast is to simply check how fast their own web page loads. Is it quick? This is generally not the best way to test, but it does give you an indication about their thought processes when it comes to supplying customers with fast connectivity. If they do it for themselves, then they understand its important.

Detecting uptime (how long their services remain accessible to the Internet before crashing) is a little more difficult. Generally most web hosts will state a “99.9%” uptime guarantee. This is not always true but if you see it mentioned, it can help indicate the web host is serious about offering a solid service.

The final thing to look for is the specifications of how much web space and bandwidth you’ll get with your web host. And if they allow you to run extra web sites (also known as “addon domains”). You want room to grow. Your blog might grow – and you don’t want it outgrowing your web hosting plan, simply because moving is painful and annoying – it annoys your readers, potentially causes downtime for your blog, and will absolutely take up your time and cause extra hassle. You don’t need a monster WordPress web hosting plan, but you should give growing room some slight importance when choosing. Click here to choose the WordPress web hosting company at http://leekelm.com/ which suits you the best.

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