Straight Razor Shaving – Acquiring Your First Straight Razor

Straight razors can be found in various designs, grinds and also toughens up, and also, therefore, could be a difficult possibility for a person planning to purchase their first straight razor. The inquiry frequently asked is, where do you begin?

This short article will certainly assist guide you in the direction of making that first, difficult step.

Now that you have actually decided to purchase a straight razor, you need to know that a straight razor is essentially an extremely straightforward shaving device. Unlike its security as well as modern-day multi-bladed equivalents, a straight razor has a single cutting side that can hold an extraordinary sharpness when sharpened appropriately.

The take care of part of a straight razor, referred to as the “scales”, typically comprises of 2 different pieces of celluloid, horn, bone, timber, mommy of pearl or stainless steel. Exotic timbers and materials are often used when a straight razors existing ranges come to be harmed, or the owner desires to change them.

The ranges are generally held with each other with brass pins as well as washers, among which lies on the shoulder/tang of the blade which allows the razor to pivot into the open and closed placements. Many straight razors come with 2 pins, though some could be discovered with 3. Normally talking, 3 pins are made use of to give higher strength to larger and also heavier razors.

Straight razors do not have a securing feature built into them, and also are cost-free to open as well as gather gentle stress making use of the thumb. Fantastic treatment must be taken when you initially take hold of your razor and also open and also close it for the first time, despite exactly how sharp the blade is. It is encouraged that you do this while seated using a work desk or table covered with a towel to manage it’s action to make sure that you can observe the right use of the razor without dropping it or cutting on your own.


There are two sorts of steel made use of in the building of the razor, carbon steel as well as stainless steel. Carbon steel is the most commonly made use of sort of steel used due to it having softer residential properties compared to stainless and thus needs less time to create a keen side on it during the refining procedure.

While this could seem repulsive initially having softer steel in your razor, the advantages far outweigh the use of stainless-steel. The reason for this is that stainless-steel is a much more difficult product and also needs the far higher initiative to develop it.

Stainless steel is likewise much easier to keep tidy and also is immune to rust, something that it’s carbon sibling is at risk too.

No matter which kind of razor you wind up buying, sharpening and maintenance will be a constant component of the ownership of a straight razor that is utilized daily as well as it is always beneficial to use a thin coat of mineral oil after every cut to secure the blade as well as inhibit rust.


The razor blade side is ground on the leading edge back up to the leading edge of the razor where the material of the blade is at it’s thickest point. This is called the grind.

When razors are made they are generated in a range of various grinds inning accordance with objective, though usually it is considered that the most effective total doing the type of grind is the “hollow work.” In the very early days, manufacturing was in fact done by hand, however in the future more recent technologies saw the grinding process move across to machine-made methods.

The hollow ground is among one of the most usual grinds, yet is not the only sort of grind you will certainly encounter when looking to purchase a new straight razor. Razors are also offered in the quarter ground, fifty percent ground and full wedge.

Hollow ground blades are the thinnest grind offered as well as the full wedge is the thickest. The noticeable difference is that the full wedge has one of the most metal in its building and construction and also, therefore, is chosen to reduce thicker beards.


The disadvantage to complete wedge ground razors is that they use less feedback to the electric razor and could be tougher to discover with. It is recommended that your first straight razor needs to be a full hollow ground razor as they are much easier to keep and find out with.

In addition to the work of the blade, there is the “height” of the blade, referred to as the straight razors size. The biggest manufactured size of a straight razor is 8/8 of an inch and also decrements to 3/8 at its tiniest dimension.

Bigger dimensions, like grinds, are liked for cutting thicker beards, where 3/8 sizes appropriate for cutting mustaches. The size of the razor normally associates with how much it will certainly evaluate, and this could affect the equilibrium of it in your hand. To begin with, a 5/8 or 6/8 blade for many people is an excellent size.

Despite whether you have actually opted to purchase your first straight razor used or all new from an on-line shop, you will certainly likely have to develop the blade before utilize.

For more information on the straight razors, click on this link.

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