Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

In air travel we appear to be creating abbreviations at a rate that elevates the specter of our grandchildren not having any type of functional mixes left any more. This remark from a well respected associate of mine that utilized to help UPS airlines does in reality show a few troubles that exceed the scarcity of available unique letter combinations and which, as we will certainly see, influence our daily work in all sort of unforeseen ways.

Consider the well known CNS development which, all of us recognize, stands for Communications, Navigation and Monitoring. Whoever developed the acronym CNS probably had no suggestion what does it cost? damages their innovation would trigger in air website traffic administration by bolstering the kind of silo way of thinking that maintains several companies hopelessly separated and also some professionals pulling back into their particular cream color towers.images (2)

If at least the inventors had the common sense of putting those letters into some sort of sensible order, like background, which would certainly have offered us NCS … We did navigate initially (as in searching for our means by reading the names of train stations and also flying along freeways), then communicated, at first with lights and also hand signals and also later using radio and also most lately we do surveillance additionally. Not that NCS would have been any better at driving the silo mindset from the face of the planet.

Obviously in the old days there was some reasoning in checking out navigating as well as interacting as something completely various from each other. You trained for one or the various other, aircraft brought different navigators and radio drivers when radar occurred, the wizards of that package were a totally brand-new type yet again. It was only sensible also that different fiefdoms need to grow up along the letters NCS with hardly any straight call between them. That they should increasingly protect their particular domain names was completely all-natural …

Let’s currently jump onward a few years to get here in our very own take on times where CNS still rules, the fiefdoms are primarily there still … OK, so where is the trouble? The trouble is, while the CNS organization stayed mostly the same, the world around it has actually entirely transformed. Looking at air web traffic administration along a CNS organization resembles hanging the TGV (Broadband Train) behind a vapor engine and also wondering why there is so much smoke with the train just creeping along.

images (1)

Check out GPS. This creative system does just two points: it offers you exact time as well as signals where you can compute a position repair. What letter of the magic triad would certainly you assign to that? We relayed augmentation signals to the airplane to make the GPS placement solution even more precise, utilizing a VHF electronic link … Is that C or N or S??? Ultimately, the aircraft will certainly transmit its GPS acquired placement for other aircraft as well as the ground to use in a variety of means. Well, at the very least that is clear, we are talking about S for monitoring, right? Partly of course however a placement can be, and is being, used for lots of other purposes that drop method outside the standard definition of monitoring.

Our world has actually progressed into an information based business and also air web traffic monitoring is no exception. In the GPS instance, generally the same information is being made use of as well as re-used and also it is the end-user applications that identify whether it ends up belonging to navigating or surveillance … or interactions for that matter. The air web traffic management globe is not about interactions, navigating and also security. It has to do with information that could be any of the famous C or N or S without the requirement, or without a doubt the opportunity, to set up silos around it.

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