Shaving Tips: Getting A Clean Shave

Through trial and error, my shaving tips are ones I’ve tended to find out over time based on personal experience.

Personally, I’ve found that I get the best overall results shaving my face with an electric shaver with a built-in lotion dispenser. I got this new lotion-dispensing shaver in 2005 and in my opinion, it’s a great product. With my new shaver, I cut myself very infrequently, I get no skin irritation and get a close shave. I don’t plan on going back to a manual razor to shave my face anytime soon.

I also shave my head and prefer to stick with a manual razor. I find a manual razor is quicker to use in this case. I use a good quality razor with disposable shaving cartridges. Again, I cut myself very infrequently although I think that my use of a good quality razor goes a long way to accomplish this. I learned the hard way that using a cheap disposable razor didn’t work on my skin.

Here Are Some General Shaving Tips That Work For Me:

1. Find a good shaving device – whether it’s a manual razor or electric shaver – that gives you the results you are looking for. If you cut frequently with a manual razor, you might consider an electric shaver like the one I use since they tend to produce fewer cuts.

2. Replace disposable razor blades before they wear out. Dull blades tend to cause skin irritation, poor shaving results and cuts especially if you find yourself pressing down too hard on the razor to compensate for the dulled blade.

3. Before you start shaving, ensure your face is moist (ie. with water) and use a good quality shaving cream or gel.

4. Avoid shaving against the grain. In other words shave in the direction of the hair growth. Shaving in the opposite direction of the hair growth can irritate skin and cause ingrown hairs.

5. Try using a face moisturizer after shaving to help protect your skin. I’ve found that it’s preferable to using aftershave.

You’ll also find that you get better shaving results when you don’t shave immediately after waking up. You tend to get better results by getting up and waiting perhaps 20 minutes – perhaps after you’ve showered – before shaving to allow your skin to flush out fluids that built up overnight.

With experience, you’ll most likely find out what works best for you and more specifically, what your skin prefers. For latest shaving tips & shaving razor buying tips, checkout their official website at

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