How to Buy Used Boats Super Cheap – The Biggest Source You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s no doubt about it. For those that love the water, there’s nothing better than owning your own boat! The price of everything nowadays is really going up and this includes boats. However, there is a way to buy used boats at rock bottom prices, without making you feel like you’re swimming in debt.

The Secret Revealed

For decades now, federal, state, and local governments have been selling used boats at auction and for a fraction of what these boats are worth. Agencies such as the FBI, the Armed Forces, County Sheriff’s Departments, and State Police all sell boats at public auction. These auctions are in your area, because they are located throughout the United States.

Why People Don’t Know About These Auctions

These auctions are not well advertised. They may hit the classifieds a time or two in the month before the auction date, but it might only be a one day ad. Unless you have an inside source, it’s easy to miss the announcement. Here are some other reasons why people avoid government auctions:

Some people think these auctions are only full of junk. While some units are sold as scrap, others may be in like new condition.


Others are intimidated by the word “government” and think there’s too much red tape to participate. That’s not the case either. It’s as simple as signing up to place a bid and transporting what you won afterwards. It’s a very simple way to buy used boats.

People don’t want to travel. There are auctions all around you each month. Local and state governments have auctions regularly, too. They want to get rid of the surplus, seized, or repossessed units so they don’t incur high storage charges.

How You Find the Auctions

It’s really very simple. There are now websites available that list the government auctions. You’ll find these sites very easy to use, as the auctions are usually categorized and you can even receive updates in your email when a new auction is posted.

A Final Thought

If you want to buy used boats, you should check out these auctions. The boats are selling for 20 to 60 percent below retail value and some bids start as low as $100. Before you shop anywhere else, you should see what these auctions have to offer. You can find a terrific used boat for much less than you might think! Visit the company website to buy good quality used boats in a reasonable prices at

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