Sports Bar Football, Food, And Fun

Football and sports bars truly compose the ideal match. In a lot of ways watching the game at the neighborhood bar is even more fun than being at the game itself. Big screen monitors, draft beer on tap, great food, and devoted fans in a comfortable atmosphere just can’t be beat for an afternoon or evening of football. It is also the only way to watch multiple games at once with many games unavailable to watch anywhere else.

Football is always more fun to watch with fellow fans than sitting home alone. The sports bar is typically a very friendly place, especially at game time, making most newcomers feel comfortably at home quickly. It’s a great place to meet new friends who share your love of football and other sports. Many meet at bars every week to enjoy the home team game together. They take advantage of the sports bar’s superior video and audio quality for an enhanced experience over what most can enjoy on their home TVs. The great food, drinks, and draft beer selections complete the perfect football package.

Sports bars are ideal locations to watch sports of any kind or to just kick back after work for a relaxing happy hour to avoid the traffic. Always welcoming and comfortable, no one is a stranger for long in a sports bar. Whether you live in the neighborhood or you’re in town just for the night, look for a quality sports bar for a fun, friendly evening.

Unless you have a big screen monitor, a loaded bar with 32 types of beer on tap, and a chef knocking out world class appetizers and entrees, your home football watching experience can’t compete with watching the game at the local bar.

Our warm, lively, casual American pub-style eatery and Irish bar in Atlanta boasts 72 taps, specializing in 32 different micro, imported and domestic beers, as well as a host of inventive cocktails. Housed with 17 televisions and satellite access, the Royal Exchange is the favorite Sports Bars In Atlanta to cheer on your favorite sports team.

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