How To Hire A Wedding Planner

Wedding planners have become more widely used in recent years, for weddings of all shapes and sizes. They are no longer only for large weddings or society events; brides from all walks of life have found that having some help along the way can make the entire wedding planning process less stressful and the wedding itself more fabulous. For anyone considering using a coordinator, this is what you need to know to hire a wedding planner.

Before you start meeting with planners, you need to have some idea of the scope and style of your wedding. This will help you to find the right person for the job. Each planner will have her own specialties, and it pays to pick one whose areas of expertise match up with your needs. For instance, if you are having a very traditional wedding, a quirky modernist coordinator might not be the best fit for you, even if she did a fantastic job on your sister’s wedding. There are also professionals who have experience planning weddings which feature elements from specific cultures. While any competent planner should be able to handle most types of weddings, if you are trying to design a wedding to honor your Indian heritage, it would be ideal to meet a coordinator who already knows which caterers make the best curry or where to rent an elephant for your grand entrance.

You should also go into a meeting with a potential coordinator with a sense of how much help you will want. Maybe you have already picked out your vendors and just need someone to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day. A person to come in just for the day before the wedding and the day of the event may be all that you need, and you will not waste money paying for services you do not require. Or perhaps you don’t mind doing some of the legwork, but don’t know where to start. You can hire a coordinator to set you up with detailed wedding planning guidelines and a list of top vendors in your area.

Certainly many brides hire wedding planners because they want a lot of help, from the overall design concept, to sourcing vendors, to picking out the details like the wedding gown and even the bridesmaid jewelry gifts. There are several ways that wedding planners charge for their services, so be careful that you are clear on how you will be paying for the coordinator’s services. Some charge a percentage based on the total cost of the wedding. This may not be your best option, especially if you are planning a high budget wedding, but do not need someone at your beck and call 24-7. In addition, while certainly most wedding coordinators are scrupulous and will negotiate with vendors to get you the best prices, there is a lack of motivation for anyone paid by the percentage (usually around10%) of the total bill to cut costs. For a very lavish wedding, this may not matter, but if you are working hard to squeeze planning services into your budget, you will likely spend less by hiring a planner who works by the hour and doing some of the work yourself, like ordering your own favors, bridesmaid jewelry gifts, and stationery.

Another way that wedding coordinators work is by a flat fee for specific services. This is great if you want someone who can handle certain aspects of your wedding planning, but not necessarily every last detail. The obvious advantage is that you will know exactly what the services will cost in the beginning. However, there are likely to be many things which will fall outside of the scope of the flat fee services, so if you find yourself needing additional help, you will have to pay extra. Of course with any wedding planner, you should have a clear contract spelling out exactly how fees are calculated, what is included, what is excluded, and when deposits and final payments are due. This way, you will know just what to expect, and you and your wedding planner will be able to work in harmony to create the wedding of your dreams. Las Vegas Wedding Packages are affordable in this place, visit their website at if you are looking an best & inbudget service for your wedding.

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