Why You Need an Amplifier For Your Guitar?

Those who play guitar or bass need sometimes an amplifier for his instrument. Famous manufacturers of such Amplifiers are Vox, Peavey and Marshall.

You can use the amplifier for both electric guitar and acoustic guitar (most of what is said here also applies for bass guitars).

Most of the guitar amplifiers are designed for electric guitars. The amplifier consists of either one or two speakers, sometimes they are assembled and usually called combo. Many amplifiers have two channels, one for clean sounds (clean) and one for a more distortion audio.


The Two Main Techniques For Guitar Amplifiers Are Transistor & Tube Amplifiers:

Tube Amplifier

Tube is considered by many as the more upscale option. Followers tend to praise the warm and “fat” sound like a tube amplifier generates. Especially when it comes to distortion, the amplifier with tubes is in an advantage when producing distortion naturally when it is securely press volume.

However, there are some disadvantages of tube amplifiers to be mentioned. They are more expensive than transistor amplifiers. They also require more maintenance and will break more easily. Furthermore, they are heavier, while they are relatively fragile when moving.

Transistor Amplifier

The benefits of transistor amplifiers are that they are reliable and in recent years, manufacturers manage to convey more and more of the warm nature inherent in tube amplifiers.

Another thing that is excellent with this type of amplifiers is that they sound the same regardless of volume. Which has its practical advantages for those who play in an apartment or in the headphones?


The disadvantage is that they already touched the sound of many not reaching the same quality as tube amplifiers. This is of course not an objective truth. But everyone should listen and compare what appeals to them personally.

Amplifiers For Acoustic Guitars

Frequently guitar amplifiers have too much mid range for them to be suitable for acoustic instruments. An amplifier for acoustic guitar or bass needs to be free of distortion. It also requires that it has a lot of feedback control (i.e., the signal will be modified). Controls contained are volume control, and sometimes gain control. In addition, depending on the model of a small or large set of effects, including reverb, chorus and delay. To be able to connect the guitar to an amplifier, it must have a microphone on the guitar. A microphone can be either embedded or as a removable pickup.

There are many more types of amplifiers available in the market, like keyboard amplifier, headphone, practice amps, solid state amp, bass amp & many more which you can look later. Continue reading this on their official website at https://bestamps.net

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