Are Body Fat Scales Accurate And Reliable

Digital scales have come a long way over the past few years. Earlier, digital scales were not even regarded as accurate means of measurement. Now, even the most advanced applications require their use. Along with advanced functions has come the necessity of having an accurate way of measuring weight and fat content at the consumer level. The original ‘fat’ meters are still around: body calipers. However, these instruments require you to measure yourself, put in your weight, etc and then use the caliper correctly in several different locations on your body. Typically you need to actually know what you are doing in order to get an accurate and reliable measurement. These more old-fashioned techniques are still used by doctors and others to ensure the most accurate results – and they are by far the most accurate means of measuring body fat.

However, advanced technology has been refined and we can have all of this done for us through a body fat scale at a decent price and with fairly accurate precision. These scales use what we call BIA, or bioelectric impedance analysis. In its infancy, BIA was not very accurate and was often thought of as a useless attempt of technology trying to take the place of true science. It was only recently that BIA was refined and perfected so that it could be used with accuracy in consumer level bathroom scales. When you stand on one of these scales, bioelectric impedance analysis works by sending a small and harmless electrical current through your body. The digital scale then measures the amount of resistance your body has to the electrical current. This resistance can then be used to calculate your total body water that in turn can then be to calculate fat content. So, the science and calculations are all there, but the question still remains: Do body fat scales really work, or is it merely theoretical? The answer is a definite yes.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis has turned from a guessing science to a true science. You can actually find a digital bathroom scale that uses high quality BIA for a very reasonable price. The great benefit to having one of this kind of digital scale as opposed to a standard digital bathroom scale is that you will get a more accurate view of your body. For a long time it has been known and told that you shouldn’t always trust what the scale says. Well, think to yourself: What is more important? how much you weigh? or how much fat and muscle you have on your body? Instead of gauging your body on your total weight, you should really gauge it by your body fat percentage. Using a bathroom scale that uses BIA will not only allow you to measure your weight but your level of fitness by measuring your body fat. Most athletes weigh a great deal more than anorexic models.

Using a bathroom scale that uses BIA will not only allow you to measure your weight but your level of fitness by measuring your body fat. Most athletes weigh a great deal more than anorexic models and movie stars. Would you rather be just skin and bones with little energy and without the strength to go about and do your daily tasks? I would much rather weigh 20-30 pounds more and be able to do all that I wanted to do. Don’t waste your time standing on a scale and cringing at every gained or lost pound. A body fat scale will focus your thoughts on the question of ‘How fit am I?’ instead of the negative question of how much you weigh. You should focus on how much fat you have on your body, how you feel, and how you feel your body looks. These are the most important things to consider when on a diet or just generally trying to stay fit.

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