How to Buy The Best Dive Computer For You

We bet you’ll understand this feeling… you are 50 feet underwater and you are marveling at all of the amazing creatures surrounding you when all of a sudden you realize that your 10 minutes are up and you need to start ascending. Isn’t it the most frustrating feeling? Well, what if we can make it so that your 10 minutes could turn into 15 or even 20 minutes? No, we don’ t have a magic spell that will give you gills. All you need to do is buy a dive computer! Once you realize that it is time to buy a dive computer, all you need to figure out is how the find the best match for you.


We have spent hours looking for the top dive computers out there so that everyone who is really into diving can spend more time in the water. All of these computers will increase your enjoyment during you dives, whether you are a beginner or more experienced. Most of them can accommodate both Air and Nitrox dives, making them great investments because you can keep the computer for a long time and use the advanced features once you gain more and more diving certifications. So check these out, buy one and then let us know how much better your next dive is!

The first dive computer that you should consider buying is the Aeris Epic Hoseless Wrist Computer. In our opinion, the Epic has one of the best prices, the best features and the best design. The Epic is also really stylish and you can wear this while diving or while out to dinner. The best part about this dive computer is that you can program it to read from numerous different cylinders, including your dive partner’s.

Next up is the Suunto Stinger Titanium. The Stinger is so high class that it is only one of two wrist computers in the world that can separate Nitrox, Free/Gauge and Air modes. If you are looking to buy a dive computer, this baby will make you very happy. This is one of the most well-known dive computers in the industry and all of the advanced features are so easy to use that even a beginner will feel comfortable using it.

Another style to read more about is the Uwatec Aladin Smart Z Hoseless Wrist Air/Nitrox Computer. Uwatec is a brand that is popular within the more experienced diving community. They even have a unique algorithm for that increases safety and maximizes your bottom time. What more could you ask for when you buy a dive computer? I guess that’s why they named it the smart computer.

We can’t forget about the Ocean VT Pro Hoseless Wrist Computer. You know you can trust this brand because they have worked with NASA to develop a dive computer for their underwater test facility. The VT Pro is Oceanic’s best-seller and although it is similar to the Aeris Elite, the VT comes with an Oceanlog PC Interface. This feature allows you to transfer your dive data between your dive computer and your PC by when you use a USB cable to sync them up.


Last, but not least, is the Aeris Elite Hoseless Wrist Computer. You will not be able to buy another dive computer with these features at such a great price. The Elite is hoseless, PC downloadable, Nitrox compatible and has times your safety stop. Best of all, the functions are really easy to read and use.

Hopefully our review of the best dive computers has helped you gain a better understanding of what your options are and will make the process of buying a dive computer easier. Visit at our website at

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