Is LNG A High-End Good?

Economists have their interpretation of a high-end good which is an excellent whose need increases more than proportionately with rises in income– the richer you are the more you purchase it.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) appears to fit the description of a high-end great instead well. But should LNG preserve this branding?

Product Attributes

Natural gas is the close to perfect gas; it’s available, budget friendly and plentiful. It’s tidy, about coal, has low emissions as well as is secure to manage. It is very controllable supplying specific warm precisely where you desire it at your preferred intensity. It’s fast and also very desirable– as countries obtain richer, their populations are prepared to spend for accessibility to gas, for heat, cooking and also manufacturing.

The Conversion Expense Of LNG

High-end goods are expensive making, and LNG is additionally an incredibly made complex as well as an expensive method to provide gas. Initially, the input gas needs to be free of impurities that might clog up the LNG functions. Next, the production procedure requires a big quantity of energy to chill the gas to its fluid state. Then we require special steel alloys efficient in handling severe temperature levels and also pressures that cool the gas.


We need greatly protected tank and a fleet of cryogenic vessels that set you back 6 times as high as equivalent oil vessels to move the gas to market. Finally, at the obtaining end, we require an extra tank, and a regasification plant to eliminate all the energy that entered into cooling the gas.


LNG is kept scarce by the market structure. It might not feel that way, with all this excess supply drifting about, but many LNG is sold on long contracts as well as is typically not readily available to markets. The majority of existing contracts specify precisely where the LNG is to be eaten, avoiding it from finding various other markets, competing for those markets, as well as thus keeping it scarce.

Market Infiltration

Like luxury goods, the market penetration of LNG is strangely enough reduced. Gas supplies regarding 25% of global power, as well as of that amount, 85% is delivered by pipes to customers. LNG is 15% of the 25% or around 4% of the worldwide market for energy. That absolutely meets the requirements for a deluxe thing– tiny exclusive markets. Actually, the most significant market has actually been the power bad, but financially abundant nations of Japan, Korea as well as Taiwan which account for 80% of LNG consumption.


Resources Expense

The capital expense of LNG, particularly the lately developed tasks in Australia, is a clear indication that this fuel is not for the masses. These jobs cost billions to develop. The facilities for making LNG have borne some of the highest possible building as well as work prices worldwide.

The future of LNG is not as a deluxe excellent, however. There’s no more need coming from Japan, Korea and also Taiwan. LNG has to locate brand-new markets.

The future of LNG is to come to be a mass market fuel that works together with renewables. To attain this market specific niche, the LNG field requires an overhaul to satisfy the needs of the mass market.

Know more about LNG, its solutions and transfer by clicking here.

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