How To Choose The Best Fishing Lures

The development of different types of lures, meant for catching various species of fish owes its origin to the evolution of fishing gear, accessories and the progression of the bass fishing industry.

A wide range of different types or classes of lures has flooded the market. All of them depend on the particular species of fish for which they have been made. Most of them are aimed at specific types excepting a few which can be used for a wide number of species.


A List Of Typical Lures Used For Fishing Is Given Below.

Casting Lures Of Light Standard

This particular type can usually lure a wide range of Piscean varieties from crappies, oho, Bonita, bluefish to albacore, and certain species of bass fish. These lures are at their functional best if you retrieve them from water at low or moderate speed and can pass through water with the help of undetectable synthetic material.

Weighing between 1/16 oz. – 3 oz., they are ideal for lightweight fish and a variety of other freshwater species.

A hand painted eye is capable of enticing a school of fish and increases the chances of entrapping one of your targets in the water.

Heavy Standard Lures For Casting

As is evident from the name, these lures are most suitable for the heavier varieties like bass and walleye. The advantage of heavy lures is that they provide more reliable fishing output and can catch more fish than diamond or lightweight counterparts; although the latter is more frequently used.

Jigging/Long Casting Lures

It is however the long, tapered jigging lures which top the popularity chart. Fishermen in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida usually opt for this type of lure.

If you want to catch trout or pike then the best option would be the long casting lures, according to recent findings. They can effectively trap tuna, walleye, bluefish and stripers in a jiffy.

Jigging lures will not produce good fish-catch output up to 180-200 feet under water, as opposed to heavy standard lures. Check to see if your lure color, bait and related accessories are matching or not, in order to maximize performance.


Lethal Diamond Lures

One of the smallest in size and ranging from 1/8 to 1 oz., these lures are capable of seamlessly attracting attention among fish. They can also form a school of fish extremely quickly.

This is because of its cut and structural surface formation. It is cut like a diamond at the top and reflects the light falling on its surface. These can effectively catch stripers, crappie, bass fish varieties as well as the smaller species of fish. Discover how to get better at Fishing – Bass, Saltwater, Trout, Fly Fishing, & More at Best Crappie Lures.

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