Beginners Basketball Tips For Everyone

The game of basketball is perhaps one of the most popular sports in the world today. It has a huge following around globe and is enjoyed by both male and female players and fans alike.

The first thing beginners need to know about the game is that organized basketball is a team sport wherein two squads field five players each at a time and compete against an opposing team for 48 minutes which are divided into four 12-minute quarters.

In order to win, players must score the basketball by dropping it into their assigned basket. The group that has possession of the ball and is trying to score is often referred to as the offensive team while the opposing team is called the defensive team because their objective is to stop the offensive team from making baskets and gain possession of the ball.

There are two hoops strategically located on both ends of the 94-feet playing court and teams are to switch baskets at the start of the third quarter. The squad which scores more points collectively at the end of the match wins the game.

There are three important skills that every player must be able to perform in order to become effective basketball players; they must be able to dribble, pass and shoot.

Dribbling is the act of pounding the ball up and down repeatedly without ever stopping to carry it. It is perhaps the most basic basketball move as it is the primary method players are allowed to use to traverse the playing court with the ball. The rules state that all active players are not allowed to walk while carrying the ball, which is why dribbling is so important.

Every team member must familiarize himself with this skill and perfecting it can only be achieved through practicing regularly. Beginners should train themselves to dribble without looking at the basketball as well as while moving and most especially running as these are essential in developing a good basketball mindset.

Secondly, players should know how to pass the ball. This is the easiest concept to grasp as all a person needs to do is to throw the ball towards a teammate. A pass can be done with either hand or even both. A player can throw a pass in so many ways and they are allowed to do it even in motion.

While it may sound simple, passing is a skill that should not be taken lightly. Good basketball players should be able to pass the ball to their teammates with pinpoint accuracy. They should also know when and when not to pass the basketball because opposing players are allowed to intercept or “steal” the ball away from an offensive player at any given time on the playing court.

Last but not the least is the art of shooting the basketball. Shooting the ball means attempting to score and as you may already know, scoring leads to winning. Players can score in a variety of ways but the rules say that the ball must successfully drop through the hoop to count.

The proper way to shoot the basketball is by raising and placing it in front of you. Using your primary or more dominant hand, fling the ball up in the air towards the hoop in an attempt to make it drop in while using your other hand to simply guide the ball or keep it steady as you shoot.

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