Things To Consider When Booking A Luxury Villa Rental For Your Wedding

If you want your friends and family to enjoy the occasion in optimum luxury and comfort, booking a holiday villa rental may be your best option. A villa will provide your guests with privacy, as well as an elegant place to rest their heads after all those celebrations. Surprisingly, these are often more economical than hotel rooms, too.

If you’re thinking about renting a villa for your wedding, it pays to do your research. The last thing you’ll want when you’re celebrating such a momentous occasion is for things to go wrong and guests to end up wrangled – finding an agency that can help you with all aspects of the trip, from airport transfers to restaurant recommendations, is your most fool proof option.

Start by doing a Google search for holiday rental agencies in your chosen location. You’ll need them to be local to the area so they can provide you with first-hand knowledge and advice. It’s also vital to have a management team around the corner, in case you come up against any problems during your stay.

Once you have informed your agent of your requirements, they should be able to provide you with a range of options for your chosen dates. Ask them to talk you through the unique features of each property. This is where it pays to have researched a small, friendly agency, so you know that you’re receiving a genuine service, and not just talking to someone who’s going to rip you off.

When deciding which villa to book, you’ll need to consider a number of things: firstly, how many guests will be staying, and for how long. Sometimes agencies will offer a deal if you choose a more extended stay – so why not make a proper getaway out of the occasion?

Make sure you have accounted, not only for how many bedrooms you might need, but also for how many bathrooms you’ll want in the property. It’s vital that guests have enough space to get ready, particularly when preparing for the big day in question!

It’s also important that you consider your guests’ requirements – do they have children, for example? If so, what facilities will they need? Some holiday rentals won’t allow children, so make sure this is discussed prior to booking. It goes without saying that most villas won’t allow smoking or pets on the premises.

Likewise, you might need to ensure that your chosen accommodation has wheelchair access, or that it can cater to people with health conditions or specific dietary requirements.

It’s a good idea to find out about the security of the accommodation, too. There may be a gated security system on the property, which will keep your guests safe and their possessions secure, so everybody will feel more at ease.

Make sure you’re away of the facilities on offer. Is there a poolside bar, for example, or a laundry service? These little touches may provide your guests with that extra dose of luxury and make the occasion a truly memorable one, where they can leave all the entrapments of their home lives behind – and you can celebrate your wedding in comfort.

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