Mold Testing – Elimination Is Essential

Everyone agrees that a healthy indoor environment is absolutely essential. Considering the fact that most people spend a good amount of their time indoors, the quality of environment within the house, office or school/college has a major impact on the overall health of the individual. The presence of contaminants in this environment could lead to undesirable effects on health.

One of the major contaminants of the indoor air is mold. Mold can cause a number of health problems ranging from minor allergies to severe problems. Unfortunately, mold is not always self-evident. If it is present in areas that cannot be seen easily, its presence can be ascertained only through allergic reactions appearing in people living within the home. Following this, the experts are called in to undertake removal of mold.

Mold is an air-borne fungus. There are different kinds of mold. Some of these are beneficial while a majority of them are harmful for health. Mold may trigger several allergic reactions in people. In its mild form, mold spores could lead to symptoms of cold or flu. In its severe form, allergic reactions could trigger several changes that cannot be characterized easily. In some people, allergies could lead to damage to nervous system, kidney problems, problems with the nervous system and the immune system and so on. Skin sensitivity is another common occurrence. People who suffer from immunity disorders, young children and the elderly folk are more vulnerable to the undesirable effects of mold. Often, a battery of tests may be required to ascertain the root cause of such problems and trace them to mold allergy. Mold may be taken into the body through inhalation, ingestion or direct skin contact.

Mold can grow on any damp surface including ceilings, walls and roofs. Since it is microscopic, its spores could fill the air around the home and residents would never know of its presence unless the air is tested. Regular testing is the only way to ensure total freedom from mold spores.

Sometimes, people mistakenly believe that they can detect mold through visible signs of mold infestation on ceilings, walls and so on. However, mold is microscopic and it is often difficult to observe its presence until infestation reaches really high levels. Expert testing is the only way to rule out the possibility of mold infestation.

Some kinds of mold are harmless. However, the only way to ascertain the kind of mold present in the home is a laboratory analysis. Pathogenic molds can impact the immune system and toxigenic molds trigger a number of undesirable effects, including cancer.

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