Email Marketing – Understanding Autoresponder Metrics

Understanding autoresponder metrics is one of the most important things you can master, if you are serious about making big money in email marketing.

You see, autoresponder metrics will show you exactly what you need to do to improve your email marketing.

What Are Autoresponder Metrics?

Autoresponder metrics are statistics that show you how many opens, click throughs, delivers, and sales you make when you send out an email through your autoresponder.

What Can You Learn From Autoresponder Metrics?

You can learn which emails are good, which emails are bad, and how to improve them.

Let’s get right down to the hard work now.

One of the most important metrics is your open rate. If it is high, that is good. If it is low, you need to make changes.

What Is Good?

I cannot give you a number that is good for you. You see, each niche is different. Each list is different.

So How Do You Know?

You have to get lots of open rates – then compare. You will have some emails with high open rates, compared to your other emails. This means that these are better subject lines than other subject lines in your email campaign.

Drop or change the ones that are not as good. In two weeks, reevaluate. Change the ones that are bad. Over time, you will get better at writing good subject lines for your list.

Study your click through rates. What is your average? Why are some of your emails getting high click through rates and others are getting low click through rates.

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