Stag Party Tips & Ideas

Organizing a stag weekend or stag night is an important responsibility for any best man or groom. The stag do will be talked about before the wedding, during and for years after, so the pressure is on to provide a quality stag party. However, there are some tips to help the stag party run more smoothly.

Tip 1

You need to decide how many guys will be attending the stag bash. This is important because this influences what activities, accommodation and destination you’ll be able to do. A good number for a stag do is around the 10 – 12 mark, as this makes it easier to book accommodation and most stag activities work around these numbers. There is no point deciding to do quad biking for 25 guys, as they’ll most likely be a lot of waiting around.

Tip 2

Next to decide is the date of the stag party, once decided stick to it. Ensure that you stay away from bank holiday weekends if possible, as most hotels and activities will either be filling up fast or charge double prices. If you’re going to a city with a racecourse, stay clear from race weekend, as accommodation will be limited.


Tip 3

Now that you have a rough idea on numbers and decided on a date for the weekend, next is the budget. Speak to everyone to get a rough idea of their budget and then go for the average price. However, if the stag party is booked far enough in advance, this gives time for everyone to save up the money monthly. Just remember that everyone’s financial position is different and your job is to ensure that everyone has a good time. A really good idea to help take the pressure off yourself is to appoint a treasurer whose job is to collect the money from everyone ASAP. Set monthly or quarterly amounts and stick to it, as soon you’ll be paying for activities and accommodation.

Which Activities To Choose

A Day at the Races

Head to the track for some serious horse racing betting and drinking or soak up the atmosphere in your Sunday best with a glass of champagne… the choice is yours! One of the best days you’ll ever have.

This is a brilliant activity for a stag party as the races are throughout the day leaving the night for the serious fun. There are plenty of bars and ladies around to keep yourself entertained if betting is not for you. Perfect for the larger stag parties.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a Rambo, then paintballing is just for you. Work as a team to defeat the enemy in either indoor and outdoor environments. Remember paintballing is not for the faint hearted, this is for true warriors!! Available at various locations around the UK, so no matter where you want to go, there’ll be the opportunity to experience this stag party activity.

The paintballing activity can either be a half day or a full day experience with lunch included, perfect for large and small stag parties.


Gorge Walking

Gorge walking involves scrambling over rocks, climbing small cliff faces and jumping into the icy waters of crystal clear mountain river. You are guided through some beautiful landscapes but remember this is not for the faint hearted.

This activity is available in the Lakes District, Wales, Scotland and other locations and is perfect for small and large groups.

Bar & Club Queue Jumper Tickets

This is the perfect way to ensure that everyone sticks together on the stag night. Bar crawl tickets help to ensure that the whole party get in the venue by giving them advance notice of your arrival.

If you like to read more on Stag Parties, go to & find your package.

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