The Basics Of Nebulizer Usage

Individuals who have relatives with asthma or those who have developed adult asthma may have the need to learn how to use a nebulizer. Nebulizers are apparatuses that facilitate better inhalation of medicine that are meant to relieve respiratory diseases e.g. asthma, pulmonary disease, etc. Though there are inhalers that seem to be more convenient, there are important reasons why some people respond better to nebulizers, for example, infants and old people need nebulizers since they may not be able to use inhalers effectively on their own.

A nebulizer is a device that is composed of a compressed source of air connected to a cup-like instrument through tubes wherein the medicine is poured into. The cup, by the way, is attached to a mouthpiece into which the asthma patient breathes into. The nebulizer will then change the medicine into mist form that in turn travels deeper into the patient’s airways, thus, providing comfort to breathing problems.

Aside from understanding how nebulizers work, knowing the types of nebulizers is also an important aspect to learn if you really want to find out how to use a nebulizer. There is the so called ultrasonic nebulizer and the compressor nebulizer. Though both types have the same effect, the ultrasonic nebulizer is said to work faster and more efficiently as it is able to produce finer mists. This is because ultrasonic nebulizers make use of vibrations for conversion of the medicine while compressor nebulizers utilize compressed air.

Below are the usual steps on how to use a nebulizer that will surely be helpful for first time asthma patients or for people who have loved ones with asthma:

    1. The very first thing you have to do when using a nebulizer is to add the doctor recommended amount of liquid medicine into the cup that is part of the nebulizer. Take note that the medicine should be poured in only during the time of the attack and not prior – in other words, it is not good to stock the medicine into the cup prior to actual usage. In the event that more than one liquid medicine is required, confirm with the doctor first if those should be given separately or if both medicines can be mixed and taken as one.
    2.  After pouring the medicine into the cup, the next step of how to use a nebulizer is to cover the cup and then attach its tube to the compressor. Once done, turn on the compressor, then as soon as you see a mist coming out of the mouthpiece, let the patient inhale it. Instruct the patient to breathe deeply to be able to properly inhale all vapors.

Remember that it usually take ten minutes up to twenty minutes for the patient to experience ease from their breathing difficulties. It is also required that you ensure that the nebulizer and all its parts are properly sterilized prior to usage to prevent bacterial contamination which may make the patient’s condition worse. Aside from knowing all about the steps on how to use a nebulizer, you should also be aware that side effects like faster heartbeats and jitters may be experienced after using a nebulizer. Check out this site which include a brief detail about nebulizer ans it will guide you properly.

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