Post-Workout Supplementation

This is a critically important fact for bodybuilders, as it creates a window where muscle growth is solidified. There are, however, a couple things to consider.

1: The nutrition you take in has to reach your muscles within 45 minutes, not just your digestive system.

2: you have to make sure that you’re taking in the right kinds of nutrients, and in the correct amounts required for growth.

First, you have to consider the timing. You can’t simply eat a meal after a workout, because your digestive system will take hours to get the nutrients to your muscles. By then your glycogen will be replenished, and your muscles will already be in healing mode. To overcome this, you have to go liquid. Liquids will absorb much quicker, and to take it one step further, a liquid with Dextrose will absorb the quickest. Since Dextrose is the most simple form of sugar and is the main fuel for your muscles, your body is hard-wired to absorb and use it first if it’s present in your digestive system.

Second, you have to drink the right liquid. To get the most out of your workout, your post-workout protein shake should contain:

-25% of your body weight, converted to grams, of Whey Protein

-40% of your body weight, converted to grams, of Simple Carbs (Dextrose)

-5 grams of Creatine

(as an example, this would mean that a 200-pound man would require 50 grams of Whey Protein, 80 grams of simple sugar (Dextrose), and 5 grams of Creatine)

This protein/carb mixture will do two things. First, it will ensure that your muscles are full of new protein as they’re repairing. Second, it will be absorbed very quickly because of the simple sugar content.

When you combine all of these elements, the Dextrose will cause a rapid absorption of your protein shake straight to your muscles, which will then be supplemented with the protein and Creatine that they need for maximum growth.

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