Different Types Of Travel Pillow And Their Benefits

A car seat or a seat on the plane may be adjusted to a reclining position to help the passenger sleep more comfortably. However, this only gets rid of problems with the passenger’s lower back area while sleeping. There’s still the matter of giving ample support to the neck, head and shoulders.


Worry not, though, because this is why a travel pillow is highly recommended. It’s the best companion you’ll have during that long trip ahead whether you’re riding a plane, a train, a bus, or a car of your own.

Sleep Better With A Horseshoe Travel Pillow

The most common shape for pillows is the horseshoe or U-shape. It is placed behind the neck and its two ends rest over the passenger’s shoulders. So, when the person’s head fall back or loll sideways as he or she slumbers during the trip, the muscles and ligaments don’t overstretch much. Without that support, the individual often wakes up with a nasty crick on his neck.

This U-shaped travel pillow comes in different designs fit for men, women, and children. Some pillows are made from hypoallergenic material to prevent sinuses from acting up or trigger rhinitis among the afflicted. Most pillows can be kept clean through dry-cleaning because of the satin or velvet cover. When a travel pillow is made of vinyl or leather, it’s best to wipe off the sweat and dust with a slightly dampened soft cloth.

Choosing A Square-Shaped Travel Pillow

Some people want to bring along a pillow that’s the same look and shape as the ones on their bed at home. These pillows still provide comfort and ease because many of them contain memory foam, which is a revolutionary material that is firm enough to provide neck and head support. However, they’re also very pliant and soft that they allow the individual’s head and neck sink into its thickness and remember the impression that person’s position makes on the pillow. These memory foam travel pillows also come in various colors and their covers can be cotton or satin, or maybe leather or velvet. Whatever they’re made of, these covers are machine washable, too.

Another sort of travel pillow with a square shape is the one with firm foams on both sides that form a couple of columns that hold the head in place. Instead of allowing the passenger’s head to loll around, which could lead to the snapping back of the neck against the headrest, this pillow keeps the head stable and also covers the ears to muffle the noise from the plane’s engines or outside noise as the car or bus is moving.

Put your head on the right place with the right kind of travel pillow that provides backbone support aside from a soft place to sleep on. You can also check the top rated travel pillows from this site.Designs and styles differ depending on the person’s personal preferences. Children’s travel pillows are often made from 100% cotton and created to be hypoallergenic, too.

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