The Essence Of Domain Names And Web Hosting

Web hosting companies serve a very important purpose. Without them, websites would not be seen live on the internet. But more than just hosting sites, most of them also offer other services such as hosting and registration of domain names. These services are normally part of a package to suit the individual needs of publishers and businesses.

Websites continue to grow in number today. As of December 2009, the number of websites was at 234 million with 47 million of them added in the same year alone.

An important component of website development is choosing the most appropriate domain name for the site. Whether it’s a personal or business website, having a good domain name can ensure that your site will be easily searched and will gain more web traffic moving forward.

With domains, you have a choice between creating a unique one or purchasing a name you prefer from a domain registry. If you want to come up with your own ID on the internet, it has to be something that’s easy to remember and easy to spell. A short domain name that is also best. You can also use the name of your personal website or company to make it easy for people to type when looking for your website using the search engines.

Another decision that you have to make is regarding the extension. Sure, is very popular but there are other choices such as,.biz,.net Or you can go local to let people know in which particularly country you’re operating your business.

There’s even a proposal by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to allow new extensions for domains by 2012. ICANN which formulates the rules for domain name usage would like to allow companies to use generic domains such or.hotel in order to protect their brand. Branded names such will also be allowed to let major business organizations secure their domain name. The downside to this proposal is the high cost involved in using this top level domain extension which can range from tens to even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Whatever domain name you decide to have, make sure then to register this. Your web hosting company might offer this service but if not, you can look for a reputable domain name registry.

Web hosting companies also normally allow clients to have one or more customized email addresses. This is one important aspect that you need to consider if you want to look professional. A good idea is to use your domain name as part of your unique business email address for fast recall by your target audience. This is an ideal way to have a professional electronic mail address instead of using a free service.

Choosing an appropriate domain name and web hosting company are vital factors in website development. Take the time to come up with a name related to your business and search for a reputable hosting service to meet your needs. Having a unique name and reliable hosting firm can ensure the success of your business online for the long term. Take a look at Melbourne IT which is cloud-based technology services drives business effectiveness and profitability for many customers.

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