The Side Effects Of Supplements

The term “supplements” is very vague. It may mean weight loss pills or muscle building powders. You could say it covers a lot of ground. When you walk into a store carrying them, you may be surprised at the number of bottles, cans and bars surrounding you. Finding the right one will take some time and some knowledge.

One thing that I hear frequently is that supplements, especially herbal ones, don’t have any side effects. That isn’t true, and it’s a dangerous belief to have. Everything has side effects, including water. Here are a few for you to consider before heading to the health food or vitamin store:

1) Black Cohosh

This is often used by women who are nearing menopause. It has an estrogen like component that can help with hot flashes, etc. However, if you have, had or are at risk for hormone related cancer, this is not the herb for you.

2) Blue Cohosh

Native American women used this plant to hurry childbirth. It has a good reputation for doing so, but the cost is too high. It causes a dangerous spike in blood pressure that has killed both mother and child. Infants have been born having a heart attack from this herb. It is too dangerous to use.

3) Cinnamon Bark

The reason people use this bark is the side effect. It can significantly lower blood sugar levels. The problem is you may not know how far it will lower yours and you could end up having problems with your levels. Talk to your doctor before using this supplement if you are a diabetic.

4) Creatine

This is a popular supplement for those trying to build muscle mass. It may do that, but it can do other things. In fact, if you are under 18, you can’t purchase it. It can do damage to your kidneys and it has a reputation of causing irritability in those who use it. Talk to a knowledgeable coach before deciding it’s right for you.

5) Licorice

It is a useful herb. It can coat your throat and digestive tract, easing pain from illness or acid reflux. However, it has a lot of sugar and it can really make your blood pressure go up. Diabetics can use DGL, which has the sugar removed, but we haven’t found a counter for the blood pressure problem. Don’t worry if your favorite candy is licorice, most manufacturers use anise for the flavor instead.

6) Soy

Like black cohosh, this has components that act in a similar way to estrogen. However, the effect is much stronger. Like the other herb, it can ease some of the symptoms of perimenopause. However, guys, you may want to avoid using it. It can lower testosterone quickly and a great deal.

The two best things you can do when choosing supplements is to talk to your doctor and to someone knowledgeable about supplements. Some stores train their employees in the uses and side effects of their products. Those stores would be the best place to shop. Here is site to know what dietary supplement should be added into diet plan.

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