Safety Measure To Take When Playing Paintball

Contrary to popular belief, the sport can be a lot of fun as well as safe if you use the correct paintball clothing and high quality paintball gear. Here are some valuable tips that will help you to enjoy yourself without causing any pain to yourself or others.

Basic Paintball Safety Tips

The most effective and by far the simplest way to prevent injuries related to the sport is to ensure that you have appropriate paintball equipment to play with and the most suitable paintball clothing and safety gear on to protect yourself.

Eye Safety: One of the primary concerns when playing paintball is the high likelihood of eye injuries which can be quite serious given the velocity of the projectile. Fortunately, these can be prevented by wearing high quality paintball goggles. However, most people try to make do with a pair of lab glasses or damaged goggles and in the process they set the stage for a painful injury and even vision loss in worst cases. There are several websites that offer quality paintball gear, so if you are an enthusiast, you should have no problems investing in a pair.

The Right Kind Of Footwear: Paintball does involve quite a bit of running around, jumping, dodging, falling and more, so you need to ensure that your foot and particularly your ankles are well protected through the ordeal. Once again the importance of using suitable paintball gear is highlighted here. Ideally, you should wear shoes that offer good support to the ankles and prevent sprains in the event of a slip or a fall.

Foot wear with poor grip will simply not do because most players are running around a very slippery field at full speed which can be a dangerous combination. A pair of quality trainers with good grip and non slip soles should do just fine. The importance of good footwear cannot be stressed enough as proper shoes can not only prevent you from hurtling yourself into another player but also reduce the chance of injuries caused due to bumping into trees and other objects around the field.

Suitable Clothing: Proper paintball clothing is also crucial to ensure your safety or you may end up with nasty red welts which will turn an ugly blue in a day or two. As a matter of fact, it is normal to see most players using several pieces of paintball clothing that include gloves, neck protectors, forearm pads, knee pads and more. All of these pieces of paintball clothing worn together will play a huge role in preventing injuries.

It is also vital to ensure that you only play the game in reputable paintball centers with a good safety record and experienced staff on board, who are equipped to handle emergencies and enforce the rules of the game to make the event safe for everybody.

Safety Tips For Advanced Players:

Now, that the basic safety tips have been covered and you are all set for an exciting round of paintball, here are some additional tips which will protect you further.

Always keep your mask on: It is imperative to never take off your mask when on the field. Even when you are out of the game and standing outside, you may get accidentally hit by a paintball which can lead to grievous injuries. One of the main reasons why people take off their masks is to clean them because they tend to fog up, this is certainly not recommended. The best way to clean your goggles is to get off the field and stand with your back towards it, then take off the mask to clean it.

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